Tip to Staying organised - complete the task at hand


Today’s tip to staying organised is to complete every task you start from start to finish.

Whether this is the laundry (wash, dry, fold up and put away), unpacking a suitcase the day you arrive back from travel or washing and putting away the dishes on the sink. Having the extra clutter that sits around just creates stress and that feeling of being overwhelmed. “Completing the cycle” as it’s called helps to keep your home organised and running smoothly.

My extra tip to add to this concept is to do the thing you like the least as soon as possible - that way it’s out of the way and you don’t have it hanging over your head whilst you procrastinate. My road block used to be folding up sheets. My pet hate. After taking them off the line they would sit in washing baskets for days moving from the couch to the bedroom and back to the laundry as I procrastinated. Now I fold them up as I take them off the line and put them immediately into my linen cupboard. Job done and no more angst!

Lets face it though life is busy and all of our to do lists are getting longer! I set up Coast to quite simply, help you get on top of things. I can help you with any tasks, big or small. And if you don’t know where we might be able to step in, we’ll sit down with you and work it out together.

x Penny