Tip to Stay organised - Plan ahead


Organised people plan ahead!

It’s as simple as that. Whether that means what’s on the schedule for you and the family tomorrow or even what outfits you want/need to wear this week. Adding kids into the mix and planning becomes essential! After school activities, sports uniforms, excisions, lunch packing and the list goes on (and on!).

There’s a level of planning that keeps you organised and that means thinking ahead and anticipating what’s to come. I personally like a big family monthly wall calendar that’s easy to see where everyone is and what’s coming up at a glance, combined with my own ical calendars that send me regular reminders and a daily to-do list that I try to complete by the end of each day.

If you need help setting up and implementing any of your own diary management options I can come and work out a personal system that suits you and your family. If you feel too overwhelmed to even think about tackling this then NOW is the time to call. I’m here to help you!

x Penny