What is a Personal Concierge and how do you manage my lifestyle?

People often ask me what it is I do. My answer to that question varies for every individual. I help people in their personal lives do all the things they can’t do, don’t have time to do, don’t want to do or just don’t know how to do.

I discuss with you the things that are causing stress and pressure in your life and take care of them for you. I become your on-call personal assistant. Always there when you need me.

It may be as simple as putting on a load of laundry, doing a weekly shop or making sure the kids lunches are packed and the dog gets walked. Or it may be that you are in desperate need of a holiday but don’t have time to research and book it and really you need to be here for the tiler whose fixing your bathroom and then who would feed the pets and water the plants and collect the mail while you are gone? We can! I can do all of this for you, not to mention ensure your fridge is restocked for your arrival home, you have clean sheets on the bed and a meal ready to boot.

Outsourcing your daily tasks not only makes a whole lot of sense for keeping your mental state on track as we are professionals we can save you hours in time. Let’s face it the procrastination time alone would be worth a lot.

I’m a friendly, approachable and non-judgemental gal so don’t feel you need to be organised or your house tidy before you call because it’s the times you are feeling most out of control and time poor that you need me most.

A quick call to say hello (ph02 99400611) and I’ll have you back on track in a jiffy.

This is me saying RUOK?

x Penny