A quick chat with Penny Quin - the Founder of Coast Lifestyle Management.

If you had your own personal concierge and could ask them to do absolutely anything, what would you get them to do?

I do actually practice what I preach and have a personal assistant come to my home for 4 hours a week. She cleans, changes my sheets and does all the ironing. It’s amazing and I couldn’t live without her!

 Why made you decide to start Coast Lifestyle Management?

I had been a stay at home mum for almost 6 years and I wanted something that would allow me to keep being present for my girls whilst also allowing me the ability to help others in the community and I was ready to take on a new challenge. Prior to having kids I was a Production Manager in the film industry and was presented with many varied problems to solve and events to coordinate. These skills paired with my natural desire to help people meant that Coast Lifestyle Management was founded.

 In a few sentences, how would you describe your ideal client?

My ideal clients are busy executives who are working long hours. When they aren’t at work they want to be spending time with their family, friends and their pets and not doing the grocery shopping, laundry or paying the bills. They are happy to outsource all home tasks and will happily hand over their to-do lists and their keys confident in the knowledge that I will handle it all for them.

What is the best bit about being a personal concierge?

My most rewarding moments are when I have completed a task and I see the look of relief, joy and gratitude on my clients faces. That look alone is an amazing feeling. It may be just for doing something simple such as laundry which we do from start to finish. Although this is not a difficult task without us it is likely that several baskets of clothes will be left to sit for days on the couch rather than neatly away ready to wear in drawers.

Some tasks are much more difficult and people just can’t get over the 1st hurdle in how to start the process. Decluttering for instance can evoke an emotional chord that blocks a person from continuing. I love being able to help people transition through those emotions by gently guiding them in the selecting process and also by coming up with beautiful and functional storage solutions.

What would you say to someone thinking about hiring a personal concierge?

Life is busy and our to-do lists are getting longer than ever before. Life pressures from work and family put such a strain on society it just makes sense to outsource those time consuming home tasks and use your time more efficiently.

At Coast we speak to professional families everyday who describe the overwhelming frustration (and guilt) about not being able to get everything done. I firmly believe that with a bit of help we can all enjoy life more and I’d love to make that happen.

Give me a call or send me a text on 0413 590 837 or send me your to-do list to info@coastlifestyle.com.au