What is a Professional Organiser?

What is a Professional Organiser?

To require a professional organiser does not mean that you need to have a house packed to the rafters with newspapers, collectables and clutter. Professional organisers can definitely help those people however there are many other ways that they can help the rest of us who are just too tired, too busy, too overwhelmed and just too damned confused!

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Tip to Stay organised - Plan ahead


Organised people plan ahead!

It’s as simple as that. Whether that means what’s on the schedule for you and the family tomorrow or even what outfits you want/need to wear this week. Adding kids into the mix and planning becomes essential! After school activities, sports uniforms, excisions, lunch packing and the list goes on (and on!).

There’s a level of planning that keeps you organised and that means thinking ahead and anticipating what’s to come. I personally like a big family monthly wall calendar that’s easy to see where everyone is and what’s coming up at a glance, combined with my own ical calendars that send me regular reminders and a daily to-do list that I try to complete by the end of each day.

If you need help setting up and implementing any of your own diary management options I can come and work out a personal system that suits you and your family. If you feel too overwhelmed to even think about tackling this then NOW is the time to call. I’m here to help you!

x Penny

Tip to Staying organised - complete the task at hand


Today’s tip to staying organised is to complete every task you start from start to finish.

Whether this is the laundry (wash, dry, fold up and put away), unpacking a suitcase the day you arrive back from travel or washing and putting away the dishes on the sink. Having the extra clutter that sits around just creates stress and that feeling of being overwhelmed. “Completing the cycle” as it’s called helps to keep your home organised and running smoothly.

My extra tip to add to this concept is to do the thing you like the least as soon as possible - that way it’s out of the way and you don’t have it hanging over your head whilst you procrastinate. My road block used to be folding up sheets. My pet hate. After taking them off the line they would sit in washing baskets for days moving from the couch to the bedroom and back to the laundry as I procrastinated. Now I fold them up as I take them off the line and put them immediately into my linen cupboard. Job done and no more angst!

Lets face it though life is busy and all of our to do lists are getting longer! I set up Coast to quite simply, help you get on top of things. I can help you with any tasks, big or small. And if you don’t know where we might be able to step in, we’ll sit down with you and work it out together.

x Penny

Tip: How to save time.


Todays tip on how to save time is to think in terms of efficiency.

Try to group errands as much as possible. I.e. if you are headed to the post office can you also drop off the dry cleaning and pick up that script in the one trip? Adding these additional tasks allows them all to be accomplished with only a small degree of additional work. This potentially saves you hours of precious time (and money - think petrol, parking, what your time is worth).

This is how we operate at Coast keeping our services as efficient and cost effective as possible. Need a helping hand? Please give me a call. I am here to help.

x Penny

say hello on 02 994 006 11

or send me a text 0413 590 837

A quick chat with Penny Quin - the Founder of Coast Lifestyle Management.

If you had your own personal concierge and could ask them to do absolutely anything, what would you get them to do?

I do actually practice what I preach and have a personal assistant come to my home for 4 hours a week. She cleans, changes my sheets and does all the ironing. It’s amazing and I couldn’t live without her!

 Why made you decide to start Coast Lifestyle Management?

I had been a stay at home mum for almost 6 years and I wanted something that would allow me to keep being present for my girls whilst also allowing me the ability to help others in the community and I was ready to take on a new challenge. Prior to having kids I was a Production Manager in the film industry and was presented with many varied problems to solve and events to coordinate. These skills paired with my natural desire to help people meant that Coast Lifestyle Management was founded.

 In a few sentences, how would you describe your ideal client?

My ideal clients are busy executives who are working long hours. When they aren’t at work they want to be spending time with their family, friends and their pets and not doing the grocery shopping, laundry or paying the bills. They are happy to outsource all home tasks and will happily hand over their to-do lists and their keys confident in the knowledge that I will handle it all for them.

What is the best bit about being a personal concierge?

My most rewarding moments are when I have completed a task and I see the look of relief, joy and gratitude on my clients faces. That look alone is an amazing feeling. It may be just for doing something simple such as laundry which we do from start to finish. Although this is not a difficult task without us it is likely that several baskets of clothes will be left to sit for days on the couch rather than neatly away ready to wear in drawers.

Some tasks are much more difficult and people just can’t get over the 1st hurdle in how to start the process. Decluttering for instance can evoke an emotional chord that blocks a person from continuing. I love being able to help people transition through those emotions by gently guiding them in the selecting process and also by coming up with beautiful and functional storage solutions.

What would you say to someone thinking about hiring a personal concierge?

Life is busy and our to-do lists are getting longer than ever before. Life pressures from work and family put such a strain on society it just makes sense to outsource those time consuming home tasks and use your time more efficiently.

At Coast we speak to professional families everyday who describe the overwhelming frustration (and guilt) about not being able to get everything done. I firmly believe that with a bit of help we can all enjoy life more and I’d love to make that happen.

Give me a call or send me a text on 0413 590 837 or send me your to-do list to info@coastlifestyle.com.au

What is a Personal Concierge and how do you manage my lifestyle?

People often ask me what it is I do. My answer to that question varies for every individual. I help people in their personal lives do all the things they can’t do, don’t have time to do, don’t want to do or just don’t know how to do.

I discuss with you the things that are causing stress and pressure in your life and take care of them for you. I become your on-call personal assistant. Always there when you need me.

It may be as simple as putting on a load of laundry, doing a weekly shop or making sure the kids lunches are packed and the dog gets walked. Or it may be that you are in desperate need of a holiday but don’t have time to research and book it and really you need to be here for the tiler whose fixing your bathroom and then who would feed the pets and water the plants and collect the mail while you are gone? We can! I can do all of this for you, not to mention ensure your fridge is restocked for your arrival home, you have clean sheets on the bed and a meal ready to boot.

Outsourcing your daily tasks not only makes a whole lot of sense for keeping your mental state on track as we are professionals we can save you hours in time. Let’s face it the procrastination time alone would be worth a lot.

I’m a friendly, approachable and non-judgemental gal so don’t feel you need to be organised or your house tidy before you call because it’s the times you are feeling most out of control and time poor that you need me most.

A quick call to say hello (ph02 99400611) and I’ll have you back on track in a jiffy.

This is me saying RUOK?

x Penny

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Galantines day (for all those Gal Pals out there)!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Galantines day (for all those Gal Pals out there)!

Happy Valentines Day!
For a last minute gift idea why not buy them the gift they really want! The gift of time! Gift vouchers available for your very own personal concierge! 
We can take the stress off their plate by doing their errands, tidying the house, organising their trades, “Marie Kondo-ing” their pantry/wardrobe/office/kitchen. If they can dream it up - we can do it!
Call Penny to organise your vouchers today! ph02 99400611

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About Coast

About Coast

Personal assistants for your home life, Coast concierges offer tailor made lifestyle services, with a unique and personal approach. Helping busy professionals and their families (both young and old) take care of all the items on their to-do list allowing you to spend more time with the ones you love doing the things you love! No matter how big or small the task, with Coast Lifestyle Management you can rest safe if the knowledge that we have it covered.

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Coast's daily tip for keeping an organised home.


Every time you leave a room take 3 things with you that don’t belong in that room and put it away. 
You’ll be surprised at how quickly this method brings order to your home.

No time to make the change or just need a little help to start again from scratch then give Penny a call at Coast lifestyle Management and turn that Argh! 😫 into ahhhh! ☺️

Personal Concierge Services Keep Seniors Socially Connected


Personal Concierge Services are a powerful resource for busy professionals, working parents, and others who are aiming for better work-life balance while managing their hectic adult years. At Coast we believe that our services can be just as beneficial for clients whose lives have slowed down and become more relaxed, which is why we offer a Senior Support service. One of the most important services we offer for seniors is Social Engagement Management, making it easier and more enjoyable for seniors to maintain a social calendar, create meaningful moments, and increase connectedness. 


Numerous significant studies confirm the importance of remaining socially connected as we age. It makes sense that social connections would be crucial in our senior years—as children, socialization is how we begin to learn, acquire new skills, and develop emotional depth. As adults, social activity is credited for staving off work-week stress, making us happier, and keeping us more active. 

We don’t quit being social creatures just because we’ve hit a certain milestone birthday. In fact, we need social interaction even more during this phase of life to help us fill our time and to keep us healthy. However, despite this greater need, we tend to allow our social circles to diminish as we get older, especially after the loss of a spouse or a lifelong friend. A lack of social activity in our senior years puts us at risk for physical, emotional, and mental health issues brought on by isolation, loneliness, and a feeling of rolelessness. 



Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: increased social connections

Socially-connected seniors have been demonstrated to have greater longevity, improved cognitive function, and better emotional health compared to seniors who allow their social circles to dwindle. They are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or Major Depressive Disorder because new social connections engage the brain and decrease stress. Social activity also tends to lead to increased physical activity. Socially-connected seniors have a reduced risk for many physical ailments, including osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. In fact, maintaining social activity has been proven to be a key to aging gracefully and to have health benefits on par with proper diet and nutrition. 

However, seniors often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of making new social connections, despite the fact that connectedness and social engagement dramatically increases quality of life for seniors—and even saves lives. This is why Social Engagement Management is one of the core services that Coast Lifestyle Management offers members through our Senior Support service. Our dedicated personal concierges take all of the effort out of social engagement, so seniors can experience the joy and the benefits of aging gracefully without the stress. 


Coast Lifestyle Management gives new clients a detailed Concierge Checklist to help them get started making the most of their services. Here are a few ways that our Signature Senior Service can make Social Engagement simpler and more rewarding for our clients: 


What do you want to do with your life? Right now. What kind of life do you want to be living—in your 60’s, your 70’s, or even your 80’s? Often, senior years are marked by losses, which can create an unmoored, roleless feeling. The kids are gone, living their own lives. You don’t go into the office anymore or have regular, scheduled appointments. So who are you, now that your commitments have decreased? 

A personal concierge can help you figure that out. We often tell clients that we’re good at managing daily tasks and errands, but we’re even better at helping you take a step back, look at your life strategically, and reimagine what’s possible. Your senior years are the ideal time to recreate yourself, invest in the things that you want to do, and enjoy life to the fullest—whether that means traveling more, spending time with friends and family, pursuing hobbies, or giving back to the community. 



It was big news this year. Babysitting grandkids can help grandparents prevent Alzheimer’s. Not that you needed extra reasons to love on your adorable grandbabies—but would you see them more if it were easier and less exhausting? Spending quality time with grandkids is one thing. Gearing up for grandkids, and recovering once they’ve gone back home, is a whole different story. 

Let your personal concierge arrange the play dates and make the transition simple and seamless. We’ll stock your pantry with their favorite treats, find fun activities for you to do together, keep up with their gear, repack their bags, and arrange for clean-up after they’ve gone back home. If you need an extra pair of hands while the grandkids are over in order to feel more secure, we can do that, too. Whatever it takes to make the visits joyful and stress-free. 



Perhaps you want to be more socially-connected, but you’re not even sure where to start. Have you considered joining a senior-focused group? Senior social meetups and senior travel groups provide opportunities to connect over a favorite hobby or during an exciting excursion. Our personal concierges excel at research, strategic thinking, and travel planning—discuss your interests, likes, and dislikes, and your personal concierge will create a tailored list of wide-ranging social groups, clubs, hobbies, and travel opportunities that you’ll enjoy pursuing.  

Your personal concierge can arrange all travel accommodations, purchase tickets, manage your social calendar, send RSVPs, and take care of special needs such as preferred seating or hearing impaired services. Don’t let details stand in the way of doing what you love. Hand the minutiae off to your personal concierge and savor the moment. 


Many seniors love giving hospitality. They want to host social events at their homes but don’t want to handle all the fine details. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you used to throw neighborhood-renowned Christmas parties but recently had to give it up. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of hosting your 50th Wedding Anniversary Bash for years but no longer feel up to the task. 

That’s where we come in. Coast Lifestyle Management can help you bring social activity back into your home by managing all of your event needs. We can even do personal shopping and arrange for personal care services, including in-home salon and spa services, so that you look and feel your best for your big event. 

Social connections contribute to personal health and happiness. Coast Lifestyle Management believes that these profound connections are worth maintaining and nurturing in your senior years. Contact us today to learn more about our Senior Support Service—and find out how to let us make the effort so you can enjoy the benefits of social connection.

(Blog Text and research credit to Monogram Concierge)

7 ways to survive the festive season madness!

  1. Don’t go into debt trying to show people how much you love them. Spending time together is really all most people want.

  2. Don’t force yourself to spend time with people who make you unhappy. This includes family! But do take the time to spend time with the family and friends who make you smile. That’s what Christmas is all about!

  3. Be a kid again and sing the carols, believe in Santa and wear the silly paper hat.

  4. Hire a personal concierge! No one can make your lives easier than someone who is literally just there to help you!

  5. Watch as many Christmas movies as you like because you deserve a break from the day to day grind. Santa knows you’ve worked hard all year.

  6. Every now and then just lose the phone and just lose yourself in the moment instead.

  7. And if anyone makes any comments on that bit of extra Christmas induced weight -


Merry Christmas from Coast Lifestyle Management


10 Reasons you need a Coast Lifestyle Manager this festive season.


1. Christmas gift shopping

With only 26 days until Christmas avoid the crowds and let your Coast concierge take care of buying all your presents this year. We specialise in finding bespoke, unique and sought after gifts and experiences. Not only can we shop for your family and friends but we can take care of presents for clients, employees, teachers, students and anyone else lucky enough to receive a gift from you.


2. Christmas gift wrapping

Lets face it some of us just aren’t great at wrapping presents. And it all takes up so much time not to mention trying to do it whilst keeping the contents a surprise from curious onlookers! Let Coast take care of your gift wrapping and ensure that your presents look their best and remain a secret. A range of gift wrap is available for a small additional fee or you can provide your own. We are creative and efficient gift wrappers!


3. Christmas Tree decorating

One of our favourite things is helping to decorate your house and tree for Christmas and just quietly we are pretty good at it too! If you don’t want your tree to feel lopsided and don’t fancy climbing a ladder to hang those Christmas lights then call Coast and we will send a professional to help you!


4. Christmas Cards

Coast can write all your Christmas cards and notes and make sure they are delivered on time before Christmas. Give a family overview or detailed messages for each recipient. We can type in many festive fonts or hand write in beautiful neat writing - the choice is yours.


5. Posting and delivering gifts

The lines at the post office at this time of year can be out the door and round the corner! Let your Coast concierge take care of your postage and delivery requirements and ensure that all your packages make it to their destinations in time for Christmas.


6. Christmas Party/Dinner

Need a cheese platter, mezze plate or a 3 course dinner? We can arrange all of this for you with matching drinks and decorations to suit your needs. Don’t let entertaining be a stress - enjoy the party season!


7. Organising Christmas lunch

We can purchase all of your Christmas cooking needs and arrange for a beautiful table setting to boot. We can even come and set it for you on the day taking all the angst out of Christmas entertaining.

mike-marquez-589521-unsplash 2.jpg

8. Home and Property care whilst you are on Holidays.

Whether you have a house full of plants that need watering, mail that needs collecting, pets to feed or trades to supervise Coast can help you all through the holiday season. Your Coast personal assistant is fully police checked and insured and is available this holiday season to take care of your properties so that you can take full enjoyment of your holiday and rest assured in the knowledge that your home, pets and plants are being taken care of.


9. Restock pantry and fridge for your return from holidays

No-one like to come home to an empty cupboard and a fridge full of rotten milk. Let your Coast personal assistant come and restock the essentials and get rid of the forgotten food that’s gone bad in your fridge. We can even prepare a homecoming meal for you!

Don’t feel like dealing with all the unpacking and laundry from your trip? We can help with this too!


10. Christmas tree and decorations pack away

When all the festive fun is over and you just want the extra mess gone we can pack away all your Christmas decorations for next season. We bubble wrap baubles and ornaments, carefully pack away Christmas lights and tinsel and label boxes so that all is neat and tidy and ready to go for next year. No more fighting with tangled lights!

Not sure what a personal concierge can do for you? Here's a few ideas.


Make a mezze plate or a grazing board.


Purchase, wrap and deliver presents.


Make your beds or change your sheets.


Wash, fold and put away your laundry.


Buy unique gifts on your behalf.


Buy fresh flowers for your house.


Organise your linen cupboard.


Sell or donate unwanted items.


Dry-cleaning your curtains.


Do your grocery shopping.


Wash and put away the dishes.


Organise a cleaner.


Decorate your house and tree for Christmas.


Finding storage options and organising your drawers.


Create a photobook

Latest Project: Office Styling

One of my favourite parts of this job is the variety of tasks I am given and how every day is different to the next.

My latest client had requested I give his bland and boring office (albeit with amazing city views) a restful and comfortable space where his staff could chat, relax and regroup. The challenge being the space was small, budget was tight and the only place to create this area was also the entry to the office.

After presenting a mood board and discussing the key elements with my client I was left to my own devices and this beautiful zone has been created.

Wonderful new testimonial from one of my favourite clients. Thanks Antonio!

“I’ve worked with Penny many times over the last ten years and she quickly became a trusted collaborator. Penny has all the attributes that you would expect such as being supremely well organised, she always goes above and beyond with a meticulous attention to detail that’s always keeping an eye on the right priorities. Penny’s superpower, apart from her impressive skillset, is that she’s generous, ridiculously helpful and someone who you genuinely want to hang out with. Her positivity is infectious and she simply powers through the biggest obstacles with a smile on her face - which makes everything easier. Penny has discernment that allows me to relax knowing every task she undertakes is handled exactly the way I would have wanted it done. Do yourself a favour and if you get the chance... work with Penny!”

- Antonio, Pymble

Penny _ Antonio b:w.jpg

Coast Challenge - declutter and destress


Today's COAST challenge is to declutter and sell all those unwanted items that crowd your bench space and jam your cupboards and drawers. Set yourself free by removing that stress creating clutter from your life!

If you are looking at the overwhelming amount of items and need help determining what to cull then ask yourself these questions. 

“Do I love this/Does it bring me joy?” and “Do I use this?”

If you’re anything like me, then you may struggle with this step and get bogged down in justifying the reasons to keep something. I hate the idea that things will go to waste.


Remember charities always accept things in good condition/working order so you are not just adding to landfill. Think of it as doing something good for you AND the community!

Here are some key phrases to help you make the decision on what should go. 
* I was going to use this later for something; I just can’t remember what it was.
* My mother in law bought this for me, so I can’t get rid of it, even if it’s been jammed in the back of my drawer for 5 years.
* It might be useful to someone in my family someday...
* There's nothing wrong with it so I hate to just get rid of it.

I think you get the idea. If you ask yourself if you should keeping something and your yes is not a resounding yes, then I’d ask yourself this third question - "Does it bring you joy?"

If you have to hesitate to think up a reason for keeping something, then it needs to be let go. You will feel so much lighter and won’t remember what you got rid of 30 minutes after it is gone.


COAST are here if you need any help making the decisions and will work closely with you to make sure that nothing is lost that is precious or sentimental.

Happy decluttering