We are personal home management coordinators for your home life!

We may be called by many names (Personal Concierge, Home Management Coordinators, Professional Organisers, Lifestyle Managers, Housekeepers, Relocation Professionals to name a few) but at Coast Lifestyle Management we are here to quite simply make your lives easier! Whether you are a busy professional, juggling a family, just out of hospital, a small business owner, senior or just need some life help we are here to take care of you and get your lives running smoothly giving you back time and easing stress in the process.

The way it works is you send us a text, email or call through your to-do list and we take care of it for you. Simple. This means we take care of ALL your tasks be they big or small and if you aren’t quite sure where to start, we offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you work out the areas that are causing you the most stress and then sort them all out for you!

As we get to know our clients we are able to anticipate their needs and we will go out of our way to ensure your tasks are not just completed but your expectations for them are exceeded!

We will keep you organised at home so you can be more focused at work and still enjoy those little things in life such as spending quality time with your family and friends. Let Coast give you your freedom back!

Here are a few of the services we can provide but really the list is endless.

If it’s on your to-do list it can be on ours.



Household Management

As our lives become busier finding time for ourselves becomes more and more difficult. Do you have a to-do list that never seems to get cleared or a closet jammed shut? COAST can take care of those mundane chores and decluttering tasks for you allowing you to come home to the organised house you have always dreamed of.


Event Planning & Management

Planning an event can quickly become overwhelming and ensuring its success on the day often prevents you from enjoying the occasion. Or maybe you are just looking to keep that anniversary surprise a secret. Your COAST concierge can take care of every aspect of your event and allow you to create an experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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New Parent & Family Assistance

Juggling a family and their ever increasing requirements means many parents are very short on time. COAST can aid in creating family itineraries, booking appointments, researching local daycare and school options, organising activities, finding tutors, having meals prepared and the list goes on. For new parents we can help to set up a nursery, purchase new baby essentials on your behalf, organise laundry and meal services, connect you with sleep or lactation specialists and much more.


Seniors Support

As we grow older it becomes more of a challenge to complete everyday tasks. Those who have stopped driving or have suffered with an illness find it increasingly difficult to manage on their own. Combining that with today’s busy lifestyles and increasing work demands and the balance becomes more and more difficult for children to take proper care of their ageing parents. Coast offers a sensitive and gentle approach to helping seniors and the elderly in their everyday lives.


Personal Assistance

COAST are here to help in every way you can think of. No time to organise your own appointments? Let us do it for you. Need to finally clear that never ending to-do list? Feeling the pressure from too many commitments? Allow us to create you a personalised schedule keeping you organised and on track. We are here to help.


Pet Services

No one can love your pets as much as you do but we come pretty close! Animal lovers at heart we will care for your fur-babies as if they were our own. From taking them for a check up at the vet to grooming, walking and minding whilst you are away your pets will be left in excellent hands.

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Relocation Services

Moving house can so often be a daunting task. Your COAST concierge can ensure your move is entirely stress free with a relocation package to suit every client's needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have your house carefully packed, moved, unpacked and set up whilst you are relaxing at the holiday destination of your choice? Arrive back to your new home to a fully stocked fridge, organised pantry and freshly made beds.

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Home Property Maintenance / Airbnb management

Keeping on top of trades can be a challenge at the best of times. COAST cover everything from organising and overseeing minor repairs around the home, to project managing renovations. We can liaise with and engage reputable tradespeople and oversee all your property management & maintenance requirements. We also look after holiday rental properties such as Airbnb on a clients behalf.


Entertainment & Reservations

Our COAST concierges are experts at creating, sourcing and securing unique entertainment experiences that will ensure that every second of your experience is a success. From sunset picnics, wine tasting, whale watching or race car driving to live events such as ballet, music festivals or the theatre we can find something to entice anyone. Why not surprise your loved one with a tailor made experience for your next anniversary?


Travel & Holidays

COAST Lifestyle Managers can research, book and coordinate all your travel needs whether it be for business or pleasure. Your concierge will manage every aspect of your tailor-made itinerary from the moment you leave home to your return and everything in-between AND take care of your property, pets, plants and mail whilst you are away!

“Penny, just wanted to thank you so much for coming over and making this place more homely and pretty. Miss7 LOVED her room btw. She’s still in it now!”

Penny came to me by recommendation from a friend. She came to my home with supplies in hand, post a major renovation. She instantly found what needed to be done and effortlessly did it - transforming my headspace in the process! My home suddenly had order, looked beautiful and then she sat down at the end of it and helped me create systems tailored-made to our family. I highly recommend Penny and will continue to sing her praises! She’s a gift to the busy family. Thank you Penny. My home and my head loves your work!…

…Again 1000 times thank you. You may not think you did much but you were support to me during a time when I needed just that. You should be in every Northern beaches home or business!

- Alisa, Newport


“Thank you so much for the work, the care, the love and amazingness you put in for us! The office looks amazing!”

Penny transformed my office from a bland and functional space into a far more productive, inviting and aesthetic environment that has already fostered greater communication and engagement among my team. She has an eye for solving problems, a head for budget and a focus on execution. Finding Penny was a godsend. She is highly proactive, adding value in ways you never knew you needed. The way Penny works with minimum guidance, to tight timelines, and within budget allows you to simply get stuff done rather than micro manage. Brilliant!!

- Warwick, Newport